A 3-in-1 platform

A new platform

Humbee is a new platform that focuses on restaurants as the consumer. Through the platform a consumer can easily order food or reserve a table.

We combine the ordering and reserving into one platform. The restaurant will spend less time on managing the platforms. We are not only sufficing in ordering food and reserving a table, but we also focus on sustainability. We will stimulate, train and coach the restaurants to become more sustainable. The sustainable restaurants will be ranked with green stars. One star is earned by signing a manifest, the next four stars are earned through completing a checklist.

A social business model

Humbee brings the customer to the website of the restaurant. Because of this, it is possible to ask a social tariff to the restaurants. We will provide the restaurant the same perks as a platform, but we cannot spend millions on marketing, because of our low tariff. If we have to spend millions on marketing, we have to increase our prices. Because of this, we want to create a success together with the restaurants and consumers.

Furthermore, we offer an even lower tariff for restaurants that are working more sustainable and who have earned the green star(s). It’s a small gesture from our side, with a potential huge impact on the environment.

The ultimate goal is to offer the platform for free to restaurants that continue the mission to become more sustainable.


humbee is built on several values:

Enough is enough

Earning money is always allowed, but it should not be at the expense of your partners.

Sharing is appreciating

If we have earned a certain amount of revenue, we will reduce our tariffs for our (sustainable) partners


We stimulate, train and coach our partners to become more sustainable. We would love to leave a beautiful world behind for the coming generations.

The name humbee has evolved from the perspective of our customers. We serve the restaurants with a social platform, and we mediate in serving food or a table to the consumer.

Download the app quickly and let us serve you!