Want to order food or reserve a table?

From now on, do it in a sustainable way!

Join the green wave and help the restaurants become more sustainable.

Green Wave

Together with us, you can help make the restaurants more sustainable and thus let a green wave flow through the Dutch catering industry! We want to achieve this because of the ecographic below

Scroll further down to see how humbee works and how we are different from traditional platforms.

How does humbee work?

It is easier than you might think.

Fill in your location

Then we can find the restaurants that are close to your location!

Order or reserve?

Choose if you wish to order food or to reserve a table. If you want to order food, you can choose between pickup or delivery!

Choose a restaurant

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Why humbee?

Why should you order food or reserve a table through humbee?


Humbee is a social platform for restaurants. We make it more fair for all our stakeholders.


By ordering food or reserving a table, you can save up points at your favorite restaurant. You can spend these points at the restaurant again and receive for example some perks!


Humbee pursues the restaurants to work more environmentally friendly. Through stimulating, training and coaching we will help the restaurants become more sustainable.

Already became hungry?

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Did you know this?

Ordering food or reserving a table via humbee gives the restaurant owner more financial breathing space. This is because other platforms work with commission. We do not do this, we work with a subscription model and a fixed small fee per facilitated order of a few cents. This makes us 90% to 99% cheaper than other platforms.

The restaurant owner can calculate this back to you, the customers!
Sometimes the restaurants are tied to certain clauses if they are still on other platforms. This may cost the same, but other benefits may result!

In other words, if you order through us, you not only help the restaurant owner, but also the thousands of hard-working people in the hospitality industry who will do anything to give you the best experience!