Frequently Asked Questions

With our platform you can search for your address and click whether you want to order or make a reservation. We will then show you all the restaurants in your service area where you can choose. Click on the restaurant you feel like or want to view the menu for. We will then send you to the website of the restaurant where you can order or reserve directly.

Once the restaurant has received your order or reservation, they will get to work to prepare everything for you. All you have to do is wait for your order or be present at the restaurant on time to pick up your order or sit at your table.

This depends on the restaurant itself. When the restaurant has finished with the order, the restaurant will immediately deliver it to your home. Sometimes this can happen with a bicycle, but it could also be on foot, by scooter or by car.

This depends on the restaurant. We ensure that the minimum order amount is shown on the app with us, so that you know how much you may have to pay or how much you have to order to get the delivery for free.

Since we do not have the menus on our website, we have no say in this. It depends on the restaurant whether they offer their online meals for a higher price than in their restaurant.

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