Why Humbee?

Why sign up with Humbee?



User friendly


Learn how to become more sustainable. Consumers are focusing more and more on sustainable companies. It’s time that restaurants change too. Humbee will educate you and you personnel in how to become more sustainable.

The higher sustainable rating you get on Humbee, the more money you will save. This can be re-invested in your company, which allows for more growth. Sustainable-minded consumers can also find you more easily with a high Humbee score.

Humbee makes the restaurant portal as user friendly as possible. Easily switch between reservations and orders, change it to your preferences and interact with customers.

Receive daily up to yearly reports to your liking. Get insights into your loyal customers, your orders and reservations, revenue etc.
Still in development

A social business model

Humbee wants to bring back the social aspect in the restaurant sector by focusing on the stakeholders instead of the shareholders.

We provide the same benefits as other platforms but against a lower rate. In this way we want to help and reward restaurants to become more sustainable and create a social environment.

With our green Humbee rating we let customers know how sustainable restaurants are and how they are growing over the years. The more green a restaurant becomes, the cheaper the rate to use our platform will be.

We are not looking to spend a lot of money on marketing and let our product speak for itself. But to realize this, we need your help. We ask you to use your own marketing channels to help spread the word about Humbee. This way we can focus on whats important and that’s helping you become more sustainable and better the world step by step. Let’s bee the change together!

We aim to support certain charity’s where restaurants and consumers both benefit from. The ultimate goal is to build a sustainable community.

Costs of humbee

This is the part where humbee differentiates herself from the other platforms.

We have two subscription models:

Order Module

per month
€0,50 - €0,10 per order
  • Easily add dishes
  • Receive payments instantly
  • Keep your corporate identity
  • No commissions
  • Your own widget for your website

Reservation Module

per month
No fee per reservation
  • Visual table plan
  • No-show features
  • Average table occupation time
  • No prices per cover
  • Add offline reservations yourself


When taking one of the two modules, the Beecademy is available free of charge.


per year

Extra benefits

  • Receive direct payments through MultiSafePay
  • Choose whether you would like to be paid out daily, weekly, monthly, whatever suits you best.
  • Backoffice app where you can see the visual table plan and order page.
    Still in development
  • Access to the Beecademy

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